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Nordic style

Inspired by the legendary countries of the far North

In the Nordic countries light plays a very special role: for example the natural phenomenon of the Midnight Sun occurring in summer months where the sun remains visible at the local midnight. Or the mysterious and legendary northern lights that enchant the sky with their colors. Eluvian’s Nordic Collection brings the northern lights into your home. The candles of this collection are cool, but warm in the form and mystical in their colors, like the far north and its people themselves full of myths.

We present exclusive candles of our European artisan craftwork, full of elegance and uniqueness. Our exemplars are made over many hours of handwork – they are our declaration of love to the artisan craftwork. Eluvian presents handmade candles of pure real wax, without a flame – but rather with the newest and energy-efficient LED technology, for a save and modern living with the flair of the North.

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